Recently started working again after a summer break! A new website, new filmfestival identity, new jewellery identity and artist publication next!

I'm a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. Providing freelance services in editorial design, visual identities, web development, typedesign, branding and design assistance. Experienced in working with clients both in the cultural and commercial fields, national and internationally such as the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo or the Converse office in the Netherlands. Mostly working with international clients allowed me to find a workflow and ethic that doesn’t restrict me working solely on a fixed location. My focus within graphic design is solving problems with various techniques and programs that are available to me, often crossing multiple disciplines on print and screen, but does not have to be the final result. 

Next to my projects I am also continuously learning webdevelopment. Fields of interest is exploring the ongoing relationship between consumer and technology, the anthropocene and future of mankind

Currently available for freelance and looking for new, challenging projects and collaborations within the field of graphic design and/or webdevelopment. I am also open for a position at a studio.

Featured on/in: Crack Magazine #104, New Aesthetic, On the Road to Variable, It's Nice That (3), Los Logos 8, Typodarium 2018, AIGA Eye on Design, Arcademi,, It's Nice That (2), Graphic Design Festival Scotland, It's Nice That (1), Trendbeheer, Kraft Magazine, Back Catalogue, Vormplatform, Online Open!, Fontanel Magazine.

    Worked for

  • Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
  • Munchmuseet, Oslo
  • Bureau Europa, Maastricht
  • Converse
  • VPRO
  • Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
  • Sandberg Instituut
  • Glamcult Studio
  • Current Obsession
  • Fiona Tan
  • Billytown, The Hague
  • Femmy Otten
  • Qiu Yang
  • Sean Christopher
  • The Archives / Peter van Beveren
  • Cleo Wächter
  • The Board of Government Advisors, Netherlands
  • Czech Architecture Association
  • Bits of Freedom
  • Coast Contemporary
  • WYSIWYG Cinema
  • Better Known As Collective
  • Goodness UK
  • Heavy Trip, Montréal

    Collaborated with

  • Sara Risvåg
  • Jakub Straka
  • Renata Sifrar
  • Kasper Pyndt
  • Janneke Hendriks
  • Alyar Aynetchi
  • Nina Couvert
  • Studio Since Today
  • NODE Berlin/Oslo
  • Danicha Leliveld/Studio Krank
  • Tomas Laar
  • Max Peeperkorn
  • Vincent Thornhill
  • Guillemette Legrand
  • Dinamo
  • Paul Gangloff
  • Linda Beumer
  • Studio Blank Blank
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